SUNOX develops, facilitates and supports the development of off-grid, solar-powered technologies through continuous research and development. We offer individuals independent access to energy, transportation, connectivity, and education anytime, anywhere. We are an open source collective discovering and developing technology to harness solar power. It is our belief that solar power is the BEST cost-effective renewable energy solution, and will take the entire world into a bolder, brighter future. Our collective human energy is spent nurturing, building, disseminating, and teaching the world to Farm The Sun by creating reliable and cost effective solar-powered solutions.


The Screecher™ is an environmentally friendly, power-assisted PMD (Personal Mobility Device) utilizing solar innovation to make covering distance easy. Next off-grid sustainable solution: a solar-powered truck. Stay tuned!


In development: a sun-sourced Solar Tractor. Off-grid solar power technologies are changing the way agriculture works around the world. This will be a global game changer when it comes to small scale farming.


The Kilobrick, a groundbreaking solar battery, is an innovative, indoor/outdoor portable power solution with multiple uses, offering lower energy costs and clean energy.


Total connectivity is here. SUNOX provides a cost effective and reliable global communications game changer for off grid living and disaster response situations.